Working groups

There are various working groups within the Swiss Network of Female Historians. To learn more about them, click on the headings below.

Are you interested in joining one of the working groups? Send us an email.

The blog working group is our oldest one. We launched our blog together with our new website in April 2021. The working group is in charge of selecting and editing all our blog contributions. Would you like to publish an article on our blog? Get in touch!

Members: Zoé Kergomard, Nathalie Grunder, Rachel Huber, Tiziana Bonetti

The Podcast working group was formed in summer 2021. Its goal is to develop the Network’s own podcast with contents that are relevant to its members and its mission. We are currently working on the first season. Interested in joining? Get in touch with us!

Members: Tamara Widmer, Angela Wittwer, Claire Blaser, Nathalie Dahn-Singh, Lou Heer

The workshops working group was formed in fall 2021. It organised its first workshop, on writing blog posts, in early 2022. Do you have ideas or suggestions for workshops that the Network could offer to its members? We are happy to hear them.

Members: Zoé Kergomard, Antonia Bertschinger

The social media working group handles the accounts of the Swiss Network of Female Historians on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Are you at home on social media and would like to further develop our social media strategy with us? Then you should get in touch!

Members: Tamara Widmer, Claire Blaser

Since the inception of the Swiss Network of Female Historians, the roundtable working group has been organising topic-centred events, usually in the format of a virtual “roundtable” with invited guests. Do you have ideas on who we could invite for future roundtables or do you have suggestions for other event formats? Let us know!

Members: Angela Wittwer, Zoé Kergomard

The Unconference working group is the newest working group, formed with the aim of organising an “unconference” of female* historians in 2024. Are you interested in contributing to the organisation of this event? Get in touch!

Members: Zoé Kergomard, Claire Blaser, Nathalie Grunder, Zora Heimlicher

The working group on the women’s suffrage anniversary was active in 2021 and developed an extensive survey on the position of women in the field of history in Switzerland. The results were discussed at two online events and resulted in a three-part blog series on the topic.

Members: Zoé Kergomard, Claire Blaser, Tamara Widmer, Anna de Quervain