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The Swiss Network of Female Historians always welcomes new members. People who do not identify as female* historians but would still like to support the network financially (especially men) are able to do so as benefactors.

Annual membership fees:

  • Students: 20 CHF
  • Regular member: 60 CHF
  • Sponsoring member/collective member: 100 CHF
  • Benefactor: no set amount

There are numerous ways to participate in the Swiss Network of Female Historians. Click on the tabs below to learn more about each one of them. More active members means more possibilities for the Network to fulfil its goals!

As member you can participate in all our events and you get the chance to meet and exchange with all our other members. You can also share any kind of question, offer, or idea with the members of the network through our secretariat.

Is there something you would like to do with other Network members in your area, like visiting an exhibition or organising a network meet-up or another event? We are happy to support you in your endeavour! You can tell us about your ideas in the registration form below.

Our Network is organised in several interesting working groups, in which we work on realising specific projects. You are more than welcome to join and contribute ideas, to learn new skills and get to know like-minded people in the working groups. Currently, the following working groups are active: Blog, Podcast, Workshops, Roundtables, Unconference, Social Media and Fundraising.

Learn more about the different working groups here.

Are you interested in helping us to develop the Swiss Network of Female Historians strategically, to turn visions into reality, and to shape new activities? A position on the board of a national Network provides unique opportunities to build your network and gather new experiences – especially if you are new to Switzerland or the historical sciences. It also allows you to build connections with historians outside of your particular “bubble”.

You can read about who the current members of the board are here. We would be happy to have you!

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*In line with the goals of the Network, we specifically address women, non-binary or genderqueer people who experience structural discrimination on the basis of their gender